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Anyone Can Farm.

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This is where you get truly inspired, educated, and empowered for your homestead journey

As soon as you join the Anyone Can Farm Experience Tribe you’ll have immediate access to all the benefits, which include a small, close knit community, premium learning opportunities where you can ask all your questions, inspiration from other homesteaders and farmers, encouragement when “farming happens.”

Join experienced farmers/homesteaders Mark and Jill Baker and the growing community of food growers in Anyone Can Farm Experience Tribe because Anyone Can Farm!

The Story of The Anyone Can Farm Experience

The Anyone Can Farm Experience is the community and education arm of Baker’s Green Acres. An 80-acre beef, pig, poultry, and poultry processing farm located in Northern Michigan.  Just outside of Cadillac in the small town of Marion. 

Mark and Jill Baker, raise their animals on regenerative land management practices with good ole’ fashion sunshine and managed pastures. 

 The idea for “Anyone Can Farm” was born in the midst of a struggle for our right to farm at Baker’s Green Acres. Mark Baker stood on his Constitutional rights and prevailed, but also gained an appreciation for giving back to the community as he’d been so generously supported. “Anyone Can Farm” is based on the idea espoused by the gregarious chef in Ratatouille who always proclaimed “anyone can cook” and set out to teach anyone who wanted to learn.

Live with Mark Baker of Baker's Green Acres Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube 8:00 PM(EST) Wednesday Live Q&A via ZOOM Tribe+ 8:00 PM(EST)

Our desire here at The Anyone Can Farm Experience is to inspire everyone to start growing their own food, even if only in small ways; to educate folks in sustainable and regenerative ways to sustain themselves; and to empower a community of people to take charge of their life, liberty, and property to farm, homestead, and live the life they desire to live. 

* $0.99 for the first 3 days. After 3 days $14.99 will be billed monthly.

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