The Success Formula. Here it is.

Everyone’s got something they are up to. And the goal is to succeed at it, right?

What are you up to?

There are a lot of folks that’ll give you a formula to succeed at it. But let me tell you a story. And forgive me for bragging a little here. (Have you got time for a story?)

We have that one child. The one that steals all the caps from the air valves on your tires. Who climbs on the hood and takes your windshield wipers off. Who builds forts with 20 pounds of nails and a gallon of the ugliest orange paint. Who gives the chickens a chance to go swimming, too, on a hot day. Who forever forgets to put away your best tools. You know the one.

That kid had a dream. He had a vision for a thing he can do to make the world better and help people. He doggedly invested time and money to pursue it. He put it on pause at one point in favor of a larger good but never gave up on the possibility. It cost him things and relationships he loved but that were lesser goods in the end, but still hurt to lose. He chose friends who were doggedly dedicated to his vision and success and let others go who weren’t.

And he made it. He’s achieved his goal of getting selected into an elite military group. He’s still got a lot of work to do, and so his overarching goal is still out there and he’s still learning, growing, working. But he worked the success formula and it worked.

Never give up.

That’s the formula in a nutshell. Hold the vision. Do the hard things. Hold the vision. Seek out relationships that encourage you. Hold the vision. Even when you have to detour, backtrack, take a breather, it’s ok. The vision is there and you just keep taking little steps (sometimes massive ones) to get there.

Be encouraged in your homestead, farm, food dream today. Never give up.

Need to connect into a like minded community?

We’re here to support you in your success through skill training and community. Here’s how you can find your tribe:

  1. Take it a notch up and become a member of the Tribe+ website membership. You don’t have to be on social media to participate! We’ve been fixing, updating, adding to the membership and have big plans for the summer. Now is the perfect time to invest in your education and skills. PLUS, you get Mark’s ear for guidance as you go in the twice monthly zoom calls. AND we have some cool bonuses to choose from if you sign up this week. The secret to the success formula of Never Give Up is to have a Tribe + guidance along the way.


2) Join our Facebook group The Anyone Can Farm Tribe. There are folks there from around the world at every level of experience, from “learning and dreaming” to “making a full living farming.”

3) Gather in person for the permaculture Animal Feed Alternatives workshop (it isn’t just animals, every property needs “wildlife” areas) and Tribe Day, back to back in July. You will find your tribe there and learn skills and make connections with like minded people.