Anyone Can Farm.

That was the message when we had a visit from the Bard.

At least, that’s his handle.

Scott Kesterson, of BardsFM, has a storied life experience in many arenas, and just recently that’s come to include homesteading.  He’s also a truth teller and patriot, so that makes him a perfect guest to join Mark on The Anyone Can Farm Experience live cast. Their conversations ranged from what it takes to tell the truth in the face of opposition to the joys of making and consuming awesome, home grown food. They also touch on the necessity of growing food right now.  Even if you don’t feel qualified or in the “ideal” spot (whatever that means) for growing food, you can do something. Watch for the tips and tricks they’ll share with you.

Fear has no place in your thought process right now. There are things to do and actions to take. Be motivated to positive action.

  • Plant tomatoes or basil or peppers and grow them on the patio.
  • Turn part of a flower bed into a vegetable area.
  • Keep a couple of hens for eggs.
  • Come to our Anyone Can Farm Tribe day and have fun and fellowship while learning about starting food growing to more advanced food production from folks who are DOING THE THING.

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Just start. Do something, one little thing.

Message us and let us know what you’re doing! Or join us at 8 pm EST on The Anyone Can Farm Experience youtube channel some weekday evenings (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday currently) and chat with us and the Tribe community in the live chat.

Join the Bards. Secure your food by growing a little of your own and making friends with people who you can get your food from. And come join us on the internet or in person to live confidently prepared.

Anyone CAN Farm!