Why you need to eat organ meat:

Source of IRON, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, selenium, all the B vitamins but especially B12 (383% of the USRDA). Collagen, elastin, amino acids

All that equals energy, mental clarity, good immune function, and good cellular function.

In addition, heart is full of CoQ10 and and peptides specific to heart function. In natural healing there’s a principle of “like treats like.” Beef, chicken, pork, and lamb heart (and any others) help strengthen your heart! And a stronger circulatory system equals many things, including better fertility!
Source of VITAMIN A, vitamin B’s, copper, folic acid, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and iron (in an especially bioavailable form). It also contains Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). VITAMIN D,

Helpful in reducing inflammation, which is the source for virtually every chronic disease known from arthritis to Alzheimer’s, and promotes heart health and strengthens the blood.
Source of B12, riboflavin, selenium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, as well as healthy amounts of B6, folate and niacin.
Chicken gizzards:
Source of vitamin B12
Source of B12, tons of DHA, omega 3 fatty acids,

Good for improving energy, mood, and extremely beneficial to protecting the brain and nervous system
Bones (broth):

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Brain as food

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Ideas for incorporating organs into your diet: Have your butcher grind them into your sausage or ground meat.
Grind/liquify the liver/spleen in the blender. Freeze in small cups or ice cube trays. Add a little bit into ground meat dishes like chili or meat loaf.
Slice into “steak” sizes, bread and fry. Liver and kidney benefit from soaking for a half hour or so as you would fish: in milk, lemon juice, or salt water.
Cook liver very gently: more gently steam it than “cook” it.
Try some of the recipes that follow

Recipes with Organs

Brain, Fat, Onions, Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Eggs Optional: add Sage, thyme, cayenne pepper, other herbs
Peel and slice the brains.
Sauté the onions in fat.
Put the sliced brain in the pan, sauté together.
Add eggs and cook together for a little bit.

Brain, Fat, Flour, Crushed Breadcrumbs, Eggs, Salt, Pepper
Peal the brains.
Roll in flour, eggs, and crushed breadcrumbs.
Deep-fry them.

Heart, Seasoned Flour, Fat, Hot Water Slice heart in ¼” thick pieces.
Dip in seasoned flour. Brown on both sides in hot fat.
Add a small amount of hot water.
Cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes.

Heart, Bacon, Fat, Carrots, Celery, Onions, Salt, Pepper, Water, Sour Cream Spike the heart with bacon.
Steam in with fat, carrots, celery, onions, salt, pepper, and water.
Take the heart out of the broth, and mix it.
Put Sour Cream in the mixed broth.
Slice the heart, and put it back in the broth.

Lung, Heart, Carrots, Fat, Flour, Thyme, Parsley, Onions, Lemon Juice, Mustard, Bay Leaf, Water, Vinegar
Clean the lung and heart.
Place with carrots and parsley in a pot with water and dash vinegar in it.
When it’s done, remove the canals and pipes and cube the meat.
Sauté sliced onions in melted lard, add spices, and cubed heart and lung.
Mix it with the broth. Simmer for 15 min.
Remove the bay leaf and flavor it with mustard and lemon juice.

Liver, Fat, Onions, Marjoram, Salt, Pepper
Sauté the onions and add the thinly sliced liver.
Stir it a while.
Put a little flour on it and thicken it by boiling.
Flavor It.

Liver, Flour, Seasoning, Bacon Fat, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Hot Water, Chili powder, Peas, Corn, Rice, Cornbread
Slice, season, and flour pieces of liver.
Brown in the bacon fat with chopped onion and green pepper.
Add equal amounts of canned tomatoes and hot water.
Add chili powder to taste. Simmer until the liver is tender.
Add cooked rice, and then half as much each of cooked peas and corn as of rice.
Serve on hot crisp rounds of cornbread.

How to Braise Liver:
Cut into ½” slices.
Roll in seasoned flour.
Brown in a small amount of hot fat.
Add very little water.
Cover and cook slowly on top of the range or in mod. oven (350) for 1 ½hrs.

Liver, Onions, Carrots, Celery, Tomatoes
Braise liver (see the previous recipe) – except brown liver with chopped onions, carrots, and celery.
Place in a greased casserole dish.
Pour cooked tomatoes over.
Cover and cook. Bake at 1 ½hr.in the oven (350).

Butter, Eggs, Onions, White Bread, Parsley, Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg Cut the onions and sauté it with butter.
Scratch the spleen out of the skin and flavor with spices.
Cut the white bread into small pieces and spread the spiced meat on the white bread.
Now melt lard and fry the slices in the fat.

To Prepare:
Wash. Remove outer membrane.
Split through the center lengthwise. Remove fat and white tissue.
Soak in cold salted water for 45 min.
Precook beef kidney 1 hr. and pork kidney 20 min.
To Broil:
Split open. Brush with melted butter. Broil 10-15 min. depending on size.
Turn once.
Season and sprinkle with lemon juice or a bit of mustard.
Serve on buttered toast.
To Bread:
Dip into the egg.
Roll in crumbs and pan-fry 15 min. in hot fat.

50% meat of the head,10% fine meat, 20% fatless skin, 20% hot broth
Spices per kg compound: 47 gm pepper white, 4 gm nutmeg, 8 gm pimento, 4 gm ginger, optional: 388 gm nitrate salt, onions
Boil the pig’s head and remove bones.
Mince the boiled meat and the fat pieces together.
Scald the skin and mince it warm.
Mince the meat roughly with the scalded skin and onions.
Mix everything with broth and spices and fill in sterile casings, or press into a loaf pan.
Boil. (1min. for every 0,5inch of casing) if in casings
Chill in pans if in loaf pans

11 lbs. boiled meat of pork head, 2.2 lbs. fat pieces, 2.2 lbs boiled rind, 4-4 lbs. blood rind, 4.4 lbs. blood, 1.1 lbs pearl barley, soup
Spices per 2.2 lbs compound: 310 gm table salt, 31gm pepper, 16 gm marjoram, 31gm basil, 16 gm pimento
Mince the boiled meat and the fat pieces together.
Scald the skin and mince it warm.
Mix it with the blood. Mix everything together.
Fill it in nature casings and scald it. (1min. for every 0.5inch of the casing, 176 degrees.)