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Air Fryer Chicken Livers

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  • Author: Jill Baker
  • Yield: Serves 2


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8 oz. Chicken Livers

1/4 c. Flour

2 Tbsp. Corn Starch

Onion Powder

Garlic Powder

1/2 c. Milk

1 Egg

Olive Oil Spray


  1. Rinse the chicken livers, pat dry, and leave atop extra paper towel to soak up any residual liquid.
  2. Combine the flour, corn starch, and seasonings (feel free to use as much or as little of the powders as you want) in a bowl.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk and egg.
  4. Dip the livers in the milk mixture and then into the flour mixture. Place each piece into the air fryer basket/tray as you go. Repeat this until basket/tray is full (in a single layer with space around each piece; do not overcrowd.)
  5. Using the oil, spray lightly to coat the floured livers.
  6. Cook for 10 minutes at 390º F, turning them half-way into the cooking time. More spray may be needed once turned.
  7. Continue to cook, checking every minute until they are golden and crispy.


The flour and starch can be subbed for arrowroot powder and tapioca flour.

The oil spray will ensure the flour/starch adheres to the livers and doesn’t stay a powdery coating.

Remember to adhere to your own machines instructions for cook time/use.

Use your own combinations of spices and herbs to create your own flavor profile!

Try a squeeze of fresh lemon overtop of the finished livers.

Pairs great with many dipping sauces like your favorite bbq or buffalo sauce!