How has your summer been? 

I hope wonderful. Productive. Your pantry shelves are full or filling.

It’s time to take a breath, eh?

Do you feel that twin pulling of being ready for winter but without the pressing drive of summer? 

Go ahead. Breathe. That’s what this season is for. 

Notice the early sunset and later sunrise. How the song birds don’t greet the day the same. How there is a fog in the morning. Maybe the water you’re swimming in is noticeably cooler. (Well, maybe that’s just us, but it’s still true.) 

The seasons are an intricate part of the nature we’re trying to cooperate with in our farming and healthy living. The seasons are designed for us.

  • The microbes in the soil are changing.
  • The chlorophyll in the trees is changing.
  • The animals are changing to be ready for winter.
  • The way we feel in the morning and evening is changing (stop and see what you notice).
  • Even our digestive systems are shifting to accommodate the needs of the colder months.  

It’s ok to take a breath this weekend as you’re enjoying the Labor Day holiday.

Appreciate your ability to work and what you accomplished. Enjoy the bounty we have. Be grateful for the vision you have and the steps you’ve achieved toward it.  Life is about the gain, not the gaps. 

While you’re doing all that, you can enjoy this conversation Mark had about homesteading and goats with veterans and farmers Dave and Amanda Allen. (Check out Amanda’s amazing soaps through the link in the show description. She makes some fabulous products! They’re Baker’s Green Acres certified.)

Take a breath. Celebrate the gains. Have a great weekend.
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