Last weekend’s Charcuterie and Pork Preservation class was AMAZING. As always. One reason is that we got to hang with a lot of interesting people.

Every class is unique and a little different because the special sauce of the class is YOU, the people that come to it. Every on-farm class is more than a class. It’s an experience. We made a lot of extraordinary pork products, as you’ll see in this week’s video. We ate a lot of incredible pork products (Joe’s as good on the grill as he is with the video camera). And we enjoyed an abundance of inspiring conversation about a wide range of topics.

The second reason is that we got to hang a lot of premium pork in the new hanging room. This week’s video will give you a snippet of what that’s all about:

Does it all seem a little daunting? It is. If you remember the three key ingredients you’ll be fine:

Heat (60 degrees)

Humidity (ideally 60%)

Light (none)

And that’s why it’s great to come and experience it before you DIY. We’ve got 4 opportunities coming up this year for you to see, learn, and experience a farm process, plus hang out with us and others who share your passion:

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