Equipment for Simple Cheese Making

  •         Stainless steel or enamel pot (NO aluminum)
  •         Slotted spoon
  •         Thermometer
  •         Cheesecloth or linen cloth  (NOT painting cheesecloth)
  •         Rennet
    ⇒Tablet vs. liquid: use liquid. The tablets yield inconsistent, at best, results.⇐
  •         Cultures
    ⇒Vinegar, citric acid, lemon juice, buttermilk⇐
    ⇒Thermophilic or mesophilic culture⇐
    ⇒Yogurt culture, kefir culture/grains⇐
  •         Colander
  •         Long knife
  •         Non-iodized salt (cheese salt, kosher salt, sea salt)


Basic procedure

  1.   Heat milk
  2.   Add a culture
  3.   Add rennet
  4.   Process curds according to the particular cheese you’re making.


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