DIY meat processing, ready or not!

We haven’t always been polished and pretty like we are now.

In fact, I picked this video so you can look at where we were working 3 years ago. Those beef were Calvin and Hobbes, and it was hard to harvest those characters. Mark was grumpy for a day or two in advance and slept poorly the night before. I told you about Endeavor last week. Harvesting animals should never get “easy,” but you get used to knowing it has to happen and following through. You don’t need fancy or polished to process your own meat. As you can see here.

What do you need for DIY meat processing a beef?

  • a gun
  • knives: skinning, boning
  • Sawzall with a carbon tipped 12″ pruning blade for halving and quartering
  • a place to hang the quarters or thirds (hear Mark’s comments on this in the video)
  • a sturdy table for cutting
  • packing materials (plastic wrap, ziplocs, and a permanent marker will do!)

That’s the bare bones. Anything more is bonus and makes your life easier. One family we know really rocked it by rearranging their kids into one bedroom, hanging the beef in a colder bedroom and cutting it on the kitchen table. You don’t need fancy and polished to DIY!

Tell us what you want!

We didn’t do a beef class this year, so you didn’t have a chance to learn this DIY meat processing skill for yourself. However, we’d love your input on what to offer next year! Watch for the Chicken processing class in June, and Homestead Hog Harvest class in November. But, what else, besides the DIY meat processing classes? Contact us back and give us your workshop wish list. What’s on your “learn to do” list for 2024?

Here are a couple resources that have helped us:

Butchering Beef (book)

The Home Butcher (book)

Beef cuts chart: