“Do the thing and you will have the power…”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the things we do on The Anyone Can Farm Experience youtube show is interview other people who are really doing the thing. This week Mark talked with Brice Mosher. Brice is a military veteran who, as so many do, was having health issues. He was forced to “take a break” and started reading. He now runs a very successful CSA in our local rural community. Check out the conversation about

  • health and homesteading,
  • CSA farming,
  • including the family on the farm, and
  • Brice’s low tech, high production tools.

Brice Mosher is the full time farmer and homesteader at Infinity Micro Farm in Falmouth, MI. Brice and his wife Nikki started their farm with their 4 daughters in 2016. Infinity Microfarm is primarily a vegetable farm that markets thru an annual CSA, Brice and his wife also raise American Guinea Hogs and poultry. They have a thriving homestead farm business on relatively few acres, which works because Brice has focused on soil health, intensive growing, and high value (to the customer) vegetables.

Mark and Brice had a great conversation about Brice’s experience starting his farm, growing the CSA, and looking toward the future on the homestead farm. Brice takes “do the thing” to heart, and it shows!


If you want to get inspired, check out the whole playlist of homesteader interviews. They all have a level of community that has inspired competence and confidence as they DO THE THING.