Do you belong?

Build your homesteading confidence, competence, and communitIy.  Tribe+ IS your opportunity for ongoing skill training, consulting with an experienced farmer (honestly, do you really want to make all of our mistakes or learn from someone who’s done it already??), discounts on so many things like tools and equipment, books, classes, and more, and a whole lot of resources.

Currently you can up your “belong” with community building when you join the LIVE book club discussions and the LIVE community Q&A/consulting zoom calls.

Video courses include

  • homestead “how to build a fence,
  • chicken, duck, and turkey processing,
  • rabbit processing,
  • pig castration,
  • how to build a chicken tractor and pastured poultry starter,
  • homestead cheese making,
  • how to make a biochar retort
  • and more and more as we’re constantly adding new courses.

Discounts include exclusive discount codes for

  • LEM meat processing and equipment
  • Roots and Harvest: food preservation equipment and supplies
  • Ark Seed Kits for heirloom seeds
  • Homestead Hog Harvest video course
  • Chelsea Green book company
  • Hisea boots (think “Muck” boots only better)
  • Berkey Water Filters
  • Field and Forest (mushrooms) and Sorelle (trees)

PLUS there are workshop recordings from on farm workshops, recommended reading by subjects, recipes for your farm fresh food,

So much value when you belong to the Tribe. But not just the tribe: belong to the Tribe+.