Agricultural Farm Internship

May through September, with flexible options depending on the situation

Farm Skills Internship

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Course Overview:

Step into an immersive learning experience at Baker’s Green Acres, where your hands-on education awaits from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Dive into a world of agricultural practices and sustainable farming methods, guided by seasoned experts passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Upon application, anticipate a personalized touch with a phone interview, ensuring a seamless fit for both parties.

What awaits you at Baker’s Green Acres:

🌱 Training across a spectrum of agricultural practices, including:

  • – Pastured poultry (chickens and turkeys)
    – Poultry processing
    – Rotational grazing of beef and pigs
    – Fence building
    – Water systems
    – Various construction projects
    – Cow dairy operations (milking, cow management, milk handling, cheese and butter making)
    – Vegetable gardening
    – Marketing
    – Event management
    – And more, tailored to your interests and our needs

🏠 Rustic yet cozy accommodations in hardback tent housing, complete with water and bathroom facilities, offering a taste of farm life comfort. Plus, enjoy farm-fresh food essentials provided weekly.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Embrace a teachable spirit, ready to absorb knowledge and new skills.
    Punctuality is key—be on time daily to make the most of your learning experience.
    Dress the part in work attire suitable for all weather conditions, maintaining a professional appearance.
    Bring your bedding and personal items to make your stay comfortable.
    Interact with our kids occasionally, ensuring a respectful and age-appropriate approach.

Join us at Baker’s Green Acres for a truly “Anyone Can Farm Experience” and an unforgettable journey into sustainable farming practices—a perfect blend of learning, adventure, and community.


What’s it like to be an agricultural farm intern at Baker’s Green Acres and The Anyone Can Farm Experience?


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