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Hog Harvest and Charcuterie Questions

The “how to process a hog” classes are step-by-step, hands-on process classes. The Anyone Can Farm Experience will touch on some of your most frequently asked questions about the hog butchering and processing weekend classes.
  1. Will I have to shoot the pig? I don’t think I could kill an animal.

No.  At the class,  the instructor for the Hog processing class will provide instruction on the most effective way to dispatch the hog. The instructor will then dispatch the hog showing the location on the hog, and the caliber of ammunition used for the most humane way for the pig to be harvested ethically. 

Mark Baker, one of our Hog Harvest instructors from Baker’s Green Acres, shares a story about how the Hog Harvest works in his family. The women don’t do the harvesting. However, they are a significant part in taking the hog from hoof to table.

The Hog Harvest class provides with step by step processing instructions and hands-on experience so you are ready to process a hog when you leave the class.

  1. Can children attend the Hog Processing course?

We’re happy to have your 14 years or older children join you in the hog processing class! The Anyone Can Farm Experience provides a  discount for them to take the hog processing class with you. 

 We’ve found that younger children lose focus during the Hog Processing class and it can be dangerous for them because we are using sharp knives and are on a schedule.  This is a great activity to include your younger children in at home, but the Hog Harvest class is not a good place for them. 

  1. Will I be able to take home the meat we processed from the class?

Yes. The meat will all be available at the end of class at a discounted price for the class only.

  1. Do I need to bring my own knives?

All hog processing equipment needed for the hog butchering process will be provided for your use during the class.  You do not need to bring anything along. We will have knives like the ones we use in the processing of the hog available for you to purchase at the class if you’d like to be well equipped when you get home to process your hogs.

  1. Do you have to already raise hogs before registering for the hog processing course? Will I benefit from the hog processing class?

Absolutely not!  When you become a Certified Homestead Hog Processor, it will provide a level of knowledge for you to communicate with your hog farmer or butcher about the products you want.

The Hog Harvest class provides a great foundation for instruction for your finished pork products.You will have the skills necessary to harvest a hog in the field and then create your own favorite pork products, such as pork chops, pork steaks, ham, sausage, bacon, and lard. 

Taking part in the Hog Harvest processes has many advantages. 

Self-sufficiency and confidence in your ability is a priceless tool for your homestead toolbox. You will have the skills necessary to create your own favorite pork products, such as sausage, bacon, and beginner charcuterie. The Hog Harvest class provides a great foundation for self-sufficiency to create your own finished pork products, and the hands-on learning leads to confidence in your ability to “do the thing.”.

Another advantage of taking the Hog Processing course is you will spend a weekend at Baker’s Green Acres, a71 acre, northern Michigan working homestead. You will have the opportunity to experience how Mark and Jill Baker raise their Managalitsa Hogs and other livestock. You are encouraged to ask any homesteading questions you have so you’re prepared when you start your homestead or are on a growth trajectory to add pigs to your homestead. You get to immerse yourself in the farm family and enjoy watching how the Baker family work as a team. Lastly, you get to spend an intense weekend experience with like-minded class members to share ideas and experiences with. It’s a rich weekend on many levels!  

  1. What book or books would you recommend for butchering?

Brian Polcyn & Michael Ruhlman Charcuterie



John Mettler Jr.     Basic Butchering


Adam Danforth & Joel Salatin  Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork   


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