Growth takes time.

We know this from our kids, right? And the seeds we plant in the garden. 

But it’s so hard to wait, to do small steps toward the goal. To allow each small step to flourish into the next thing.  

If  you’re reading this it’s because you’re a doer who wants things to happen now.  You cognitively know it takes time, but your emotions want it all NOW.

We found some old pictures of our place recently. They were about 8 or 10 years old. We’d forgotten how the back of the house looked, how the yard looked, how the fences were different, and what it was like with all the kids at home.  Our farm hasn’t always looked the way it looks when you come for a class or a tour now. 

Growth takes time.

We’ve come so far! AND we want to grow more. Right now our growth is centered on you! Our “crop” is helping more people to food security, peace of mind, the adventure of eating food they’ve raised. Kinda like an oak tree spreading little acorns everywhere. We want more little nuts sprouting up all over the place! (So to speak.)

Do you want to grow with us? Because one of the life lessons from nature is that plants and animals are cooperative and grow best with company.

So, you are invited to come and grow with us! Your opportunities include a free facebook group, self-paced video workshops, on farm workshops, and, for those who really want to dive in and enjoy more intensive learning and community support, we have the Tribe+ membership, which includes not only educational video courses and resources, but face to face zoom connections for homestead q&a and homestead how-to book club discussions. 

Honestly, these things are growing us in ways we didn’t dream of! But it’s so exciting to be able to connect with you and give you the knowledge and support we wish we’d had, that we’re ok with the challenges of learning how to manage a website and work with social media algorithm nonsense.

Growth takes time. And it’s better together.

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growing, growth, community