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Head Cheese (White)

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  • Author: Jill Baker



50% meat of the head

10% fine meat

20% fatless skin

20% hot broth

Spices per kg compound:

47 gm pepper white

4 gm nutmeg

8 gm pimento

4 gm ginger

optional: 388 gm nitrate salt, onions


  1. Boil the pig’s head and remove bones.
  2. Mince the boiled meat and the fat pieces together.
  3. Scald the skin and mince it warm.
  4. Mince the meat roughly with the scalded skin and onions.
  5. Mix everything with broth and spices and fill in sterile casings, or press into a loaf pan.
  6. Boil. (1 min. for every 0,5inch of casing) if in casings
  7. Chill in pans if in loaf pans