Hog Harvest Masterclass

Learn exactly, step by step, how to process your hogs at home!
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Hog Harvest Masterclass
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Are you ready to radically alter your self-sufficiency and food independence skills?

Is your meat processor scheduling out so far you will have to feed your pigs a lot longer than needed, costing you time and money?

This is the video course for you! You’ll see exactly how to:

*Harvest your hog out of the field

*Scald and scrape your pig so you have the hide to help with the processing

*Remove and preserve/use the organs

*Cut the hog from a half-on-the-table to platable cuts.

*Make bacon and ham

*Make sausages, both cased and bulk packaged

*Receive written instructions and diagrams along with the recipes we trust and use.

When you join the Tribe+ membership you’ll get a discount on all the equipment you’ll need so you can process your hog at home yourself. As a bonus, you can ask questions for clarification on the process and on raising pigs in general on the Wednesday Q&A live calls.

Or just purchase the course for less than the cost of getting one pig processed and follow the steps to do it yourself! Either way, you’ll never have to worry about “food shortages” again!