If you prefer to make this at home, you can purchase fresh or frozen organ meat, thaw the meat in the fridge, if frozen, and combine a ratio of 4:1 ground beef to organ meat (for example, 1 pound of ground beef to 1/4 pound of heart) in a food processor until mixed.

You will want to add the organ meat, roughly chopped to the processor first and pulse a few times until it is broken down into pieces similar in size to the ground beef. (In the case of liver, be careful not to overprocess it; because of its creamier texture, it will become pastelike of overmixed. Don’t worry, once it’s pulsed into smaller chunks, it will mix in fine with the rest of the meat!) Next, add the ground beef and pulse just enough to mix the beef and organ meat together; overprocessing the ground meat can make it tough.

Pro Tip: If you’re really worried about an “organ meat” taste, I suggest using heart, which is a muscle meat and not strong tasting, or chicken liver, which is the mildest-tasting animal liver. You can also ask butcher to premix organ meat into your ground beef for you.


Recipe is an excerpt from It Takes Guts by Ashleigh Vanhoute and can be purchased here.