What on earth is schmaltz? Schmaltz is simply rendered chicken fat (although you can utilize goose, duck, and even turkey as well.)  

Fatback: Lardo

    Lardo, or pork butter, is an awesome alternative to butter. using this basic recipe, you can make any number of flavored versions. The first recipe listed here makes a salty, savory, and sweet version that's perfect for bread or grilled vegetables....

Basic Recipes for Sausage

  These are basic combinations to use as foundations for any sausage recipe!     Poultry OR Rabbit 3 3/4 pounds Poultry or Rabbit, boneless and skinless 1 1/4 pound Pork Back Fat 2 Tbsp. Fine Sea Salt ------------ 5 pounds Basic Poultry or Rabbit...

Basic Sausage Method

    The process for making nearly every kind of sausage begins with the same steps. First, you assemble a spice kit and cut the meat. Next, you mix the meat with spices, leave it to marinate for a while, and then grind it. Once it is ground, the meat is...

Rendering Fats

    Rendering is the process of slowly cooking solid raw fats to evaporate their water and extract a versatile, purified fat for cooking. Rendering them yourself is simple and economical, especially if you are already purchasing large cuts or whole animals....

Baker’s Favorite Quick Donuts

    "Fat is flavor! Repeat after me, FAT IS FLAVOR!" This is the mantra we heard from chef Brian Polcyn at a class long ago. And he was, of course, right! There are few better ways to use lard than to fry things. Especially in the fall, there are few things...


Homemade Dumplings

These dumplings can be used in soups, stews, or as a side to other yummy dishes! A super versatile addition to any recipe!

Crema di Lardo

Similar to the pig butter recipe, yet this is made from cured back fat. Since this is cured instead of cooked (like the pig butter) it will not be as fluffy as rendered fat.

Pig “Butter”

This infused, spreadable, rendered pig fat will bring joy to the hors d’oeuvre table, or a healthy snack (go ahead, we won’t tell on you.)

Use on crackers or crusty bread, but best used with grilled bread!