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Recorded Workshops and LIVE Q&A With Mark Baker

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Enjoy these workshops! Contact us to let us know what else you’d like to learn about.

Have questions? Join Mark every other Wednesday for a live Q&A and bring your questions along!

Solar and Off Grid Living with Tag Bee

Solar and off grid living with Tag Bee

Tree propagation with Andrew Cross (bio in video link)

Making fermented foods with Andrew Cross

Making Herbal Medicines with Cody Westendorf (see video for details and bio)

Workshop (and more!) with Craig Schaaf


Raising Goats

Starting a homestead

Things I couldn't say on YOU TUBE or I would get banned..

Live Streams – Q&A

Homestead farm mentor Mark Baker takes to the online airwaves every evening from 8  p.m. till he’s done with the topic. 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday get inspired, encouraged, and more self-sufficient as you enjoy the community chat on The Anyone Can Farm Experience YouTube and the Baker’s Green Acres Rumble channels, or catch it here on the website. Mark talks about homestead topics ranging from philosophy, economics, and mindset, to specific how-to’s on the blackboard. You can join live and chat with the community in the chat box, or catch it later on your schedule. 

Wednesday evening is exclusively for Tribe+ members and will be a Zoom Q&A meeting.  Mentorship and community are the fastest hacks for learning and growing. Gain confidence in your skills as you troubleshoot your ideas and challenges with Mark as a mentor and the Tribe+ community to back you up. Just thinking about starting a homestead? Get valuable skill training and “how to” input from people who are actually doing the thing.  This is always reported as the biggest benefit of all The Anyone Can Farm Experience and Baker’s Green Acres events and classes. As a member, you’ll receive the exclusive link to come and talk with Mark and the other members about your homestead dreams, goals, and challenges. Recordings available later in the members only area if you can’t make it live.

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