Pig Castration

Save money and time with this basic process of castrating your male piglets.  Learn from the video, along with a list of items needed and how to get started, how to castrate your own male piglets.  You’ll get detailed video instruction that will enable you to take care of your piglets on farm, quick and relatively easy.  There are many ways to do this job, and this is the way Mark has done it for nearly 20 years on Baker’s Green Acres.  Get your videos today and increase your homestead independence and skills.
Some people swear by boar meat, and some don’t mind the taste, but most people prefer to castrate their male pigs to avoid “boar taint.” Boar taint is a particular gamey flavor unique to intact male pigs. Strong spices can cover it up, mostly.  The best way to have premium tasting pork with your feeder pigs is to castrate them when they are young.  It’s a fairly easy procedure with a little instruction.


Congratulations on taking the big step of castrating your own piglets! This is very do-able for the homestead farmer. Just remember to be generous with the disinfectant and keep an eye on your little ones for a couple of days.


What age should your pigs be for castration? We’ve done that at 2 weeks and 4 months. It’s a lot easier when they are smaller, but bigger ones can be done.  We’ve even done a retiring boar. It can be done, but it’s a big job. We’ve been shown other ways of doing this job by old timers, and have found this way to work easily and reliably.


  • One sided razor blades
  • Hydrogen peroxide (or a suitable anitseptic)
  • Square hay bale
  • A teenage boy or two
  • Watch the video.
  • Give it a go.
  • Contact us via email, facebook messenger (“Baker’s Green Acres“), or bring your questions to our LIVE Q&A on the Baker’s Green Acres YouTube channel every Wednesday evening.


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This course will allow you to:

  • have premium flavored pork from your homestead.

  • simplify your process by keeping male and female feeder pigs together.

  • save time by not having to make arrangements with and transport pigs to the vet

  • save $$$ by doing it yourself

  • save stress on your piglets because they don’t have to be contained and transported on top of the procedure

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