Planting Fruit Trees Course

It's Tree Planting time!

We’ve planted a lot of trees at Baker’s Green Acres.

We’ve killed a lot of trees at Baker’s Green Acres.

And we’ve learned a lot about keeping trees alive and best practices for planting them.

In this mini course you’ll get the benefit of what we’ve learned about how to plant and grow trees well.  Some of the things you’ll learn are:

  1. Plant in the fall. The tree is in a better stage of growth and development to adapt to it’s new surroundings. The added benefit is that nursery trees are on sale!
  2. Don’t plant too deep. Tree anatomy matters and you’ll see the correct level to put your tree at to facilitate maximum adapatability and growth.
  3. Proper hole preparation with native soils matters.  There are tips and tricks to encourage your young tree to press into the earth around it and find water and nutrients, developing a stronger root along the way.

Good luck! Let us know the tips and tricks Mark teaches that work best for you. 

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