We, as humans, would love to have a saviour. It’s comforting to think someone else can help us out of our predicaments, on an emotional level even if not on a logical level.

We vote thinking the guy or gal in the White House will make things right.  Or the person in the Governor’s office.  Or ….  fill in the blank with a name or position.

Politicians are virtually useless, though. Have you noticed that? And no one in the right/left, liberal/conservative paradigm has ever put food on your table or paid your electric bill–not without extracting their pound of flesh somewhere else in your life.

Anyone Can Farm. Everyone should farm. At least a little. It’s up to us to take the helm. The Constitution really puts the power with the People, anyway. This means you have power. You can do things. You can make a positive change as soon as you step out of the political, or whatever other, theater and start taking action, however small that action is, to make a difference in your life and the lives of the people immediately around you.

That’s Mark’s message in this video, though he’ll explain it a whole lot more and better. Enjoy! And go get your farmin’ on. Anyone Can Farm