Animal Feed Alternatives


Grow your own animal feed for free!

Looking for ways to save money and have better food for your animals?

Are you passionate about having organic, healthier, and ecofriendly ways to feed and care for your farm and your animals?

How would it feel to truly be self sufficient?

Permaculture specialist Nicholas Ferguson, one of the leading permaculture and ecosystems engineers in the U.S., has the answers for you.

In this very full one day workshop, you can learn how to:

  • grow, use, and store tree hay/fodder
  • grow, use, and store other food plants for your homestead flocks and animals
  • bring permaculture thinking and design to your animal husbandry (how to work with nature in caring for animals)
  • create a resilient and regenerative homestead that can last generations and helps build thriving communities and families

 You don’t want to miss Nick’s enthusiasm and outside the box thinking.  

Workshop starts at 9 am and goes till 4 or 5 pm, when we get done asking Nick questions.  Bring a sack lunch and enjoy talking with other homestead farmers!  Coffee and water provided.

Grab your seat before this fills up!  All early bird pricing goes away June 1.


Are you ready to save money?

Animal feed costs are rising at the feedstore, right? Did you know you have options?

This workshop will offer you some out-of-the-box options and alternatives to the standard corn and soy based bags of feed. From plants, like comfrey, that grow easily and make great feed stock to tree fodder, Nick Ferguson will walk you through options from a permaculture and natural animal feed perspective to help you get out of the feed store. You can help  your animals be more healthy, avoid the many vet and health issues, and save money when you grow animal feed instead of buying it.

In this workshop you will learn from one of the leading permaculture and ecosystems engineers on creating closed loop systems on your homestead and farm. Nick will talk about growing, using, and storing tree hay/fodder as animal feed. He will also cover how to grow specific plants for your flocks and animals so you can lessen your need for the feed bag or eliminate it all together. This day-long workshop will help you create a resilient and regenerative homestead that can last generations which in turn helps build thriving communities and families. You don’t want to miss Nick’s enthusiasm and outside the box thinking.

This workshop starts at 9 a.m. on July 7th and goes till we get done with questions around 4 or 5 p.m.  There will be a campfire following.  Bring a sack lunch. Coffee and water will be provided.

Who is Nick Ferguson?

Nick Ferguson is an Ecosystems Engineering consultant who works in the USA and internationally. He specializes in homestead and farm design, helping clients create resilient, ecologically sound, and sustainable farms.

Nick has spent his whole life studying ecology from a homeschooled start, to attending college at 16 years old. He’s gone on to manage large-scale design installations. And taught alongside greats such as Joel Salatin, Mark Shepherd, and Geoff Lawton. He currently homesteads in Louisiana between consulting tours.

Nick introduces himself:

“I am a family man, my wife and I have 3 wonderful little boys, and we are building a small regenerative farm in the piney hills of Louisiana. I was home schooled and always had a love of nature and the outdoors. My grandfather was an organic and sustainable agriculture consultant who taught at many of the Acres USA conferences, so I grew up around these concepts. I started attending college classes at 17, studied Biology, Business, Genetics, and Forestry.

“After I grew tired of the collegiate academia baloney, I struck out on my own and delved deep into permaculture, was finally able to afford to take a PDC from the famous Geoff Lawton, and became friends with Jack Spiriko who brought me into his workshops as a paid instructor right away.

“I am currently teaching classes, workshops, doing design work and consulting with clients on sustainable farms and projects. I have worked with dozens of clients including Alcoa Metals on regenerative projects. But my main focus is on helping individuals and families develop their properties into life giving and productive systems.”

Check out this conversation our co-host Rachel Jamison had with Nick about tree fodder: https://redemptionpermaculture.com/fodder-tree-crops-for-a-more-resilient-homestead-with-guest-nick-ferguson/

And this conversation our own Mark Baker had with Nick about Tree Fodder. Don’t miss out on the FULL DAY workshop!


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