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Come join us in The Anyone Can Farm Tribe+ website membership– your portal to an energetic community of homesteaders and farmers. Unlock crucial homestead skills with free and discounted online courses, exclusive merchandise deals, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Elevate your journey with ACCESS Tribe+ for personalized mentoring, premium content, and live Q&A sessions with seasoned farmers Mark and Jill Baker. Take your homestead dream to new heights – Anyone Can Farm!

The doors open again in April. Sign up to get early bird notice!

Immerse yourself in the heart of Anyone Can Farm Tribe+, where the vibrant community brings homesteading dreams to life. At Anyone Can Farm, we stand by the belief that anyone can farm, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, Tribe+ membership is your passport to unlocking a world of possibilities.

What Awaits Inside Tribe+:

  • Essential Homestead Skills Courses: Dive into a meticulously curated selection of free and discounted online courses, available on demand. From forgotten homestead skills to mastering livestock management, we've got you covered.
  • Merchandise Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts from handpicked merchants, ensuring you get the best deals on tools and supplies for your homestead needs.
  • Community Learning: Engage in homestead skill learning through lively community forum discussions. Exchange ideas, learn from experiences, and build confidence in your homesteading journey.
  • Connections: Connect with our close-knit community! Access resources lists and receive the support you need to overcome challenges and celebrate successes in the online, off social media forum. 

Upgrade to ACCESS Tribe+ for Premium Benefits:

  • In-Person Mentoring: Elevate your homestead goals when you come to on-farm classes and events with hands-on guidance and personalized advice through in-person mentoring and training at on-farm classes and events. Members get exclusive discounts on all classes and events.
  • Members-Only Videos: Access exclusive, extended-length videos tailored for Tribe+ members. Gain insights and tips from experienced homesteaders.
  • LIVE Q&A Zoom Meetings: Join live Q&A sessions with Mark Baker for personalized support. Get answers to your specific homestead questions and connect with the community in real-time.
  • Curated Recordings: Dive into curated recordings of previous mentoring calls. Learn from the questions and experiences of others, enhancing your own homesteading journey.

How It Works:

Anyone Can Farm. Yes, that includes you. Ready to elevate your homestead dream? Anyone Can Farm Tribe+ is where inspiration meets education, empowering you for an enriching homestead journey. Join the Tribe+ membership or upgrade to ACCESS Tribe+ for immediate access to a supportive community, premium learning opportunities, and the tools to turn your homestead dreams into reality.

Join experienced farmers/homesteaders Mark and Jill Baker and the growing community of food growers in the Anyone Can Farm Experience Tribe+ and ACCESS Tribe+. Because Anyone Can Farm, and dreams come true with the right community around you. Gain the skills, knowledge, and resources to be self-sufficient, growing food for yourself and your community. Be inspired, educated, and empowered – because this is where your homestead journey truly begins.

Features Tribe+


Two months free for an annual subscription! 

Access Tribe+


Two months free for an annual subscription! 

Essential Skills Free and discounted online homestead courses and a searchable library of all  our videos from 14 years of production. Free and discounted online homestead courses and a searchable library of all  our videos from 14 years of production.
Merchandise Discounts Discounts from selected homestead products and services  merchants Enhanced discounts on a wider range of items
Community Learning Homestead skill learning through messaging discussions Access to premium live community discussions on zoom as well as messaging discussions.
Connections Connect with like-minded community members Deeper connections and resource sharing with face to face discussions on zoom.
Members-Only Videos -Exclusive “how to” videos by Mark taking an indepth look at what he’s up to and the “how to’s”. -Exclusive “how to” videos by Mark taking an indepth look at what he’s up to and the “how to’s”.
In-Person Mentoring - Personalized in-person guidance and advice in the consulting zoom calls twice a month.
Curated Recordings - Access to curated recordings of community discussions in consulting calls, giving access to more info and topics from a practical homestead perspective. 

Additional Notes:

  • Tribe+ provides a solid foundation with essential skills, merchandise discounts, community learning, and connections.
  • Access Tribe+ offers an elevated experience with in-person mentoring, members-only videos, live Q&A sessions, and curated recordings.
  • Access Tribe+ provides enhanced benefits for those seeking a more personalized and premium homesteading experience.

Choose the membership level that aligns with your homesteading goals and desired level of engagement!



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