Inner Circle approved vendors program



Want more eyes on  your products, services, youtube channel, or podcast?

Seeking more homestead business fellowship?  And to learn some business skills?

It’s one thing to decide you have something to present to the world and hang out your shingle.

It’s another to actually make money doing it and to create a business that will thrive.  You probably already know that just selling things doesn’t necessarily equate to a prpofitable business with longevity.

Here’s your opportunity to offer your special gifts to a larger audience that we’ve curated for you as an approved vendor in our facebook group of 11k folks and growing. You also get into the Inner Circle membership to learn from our business training and experience and to network with farm and business people.  When you apply for the program and are accepted to be an #approvedvendor you’ll have the opportunity to share your products, classes, events, and services with our homestead farming facebook group folks, bringing value and education to them while growing your own potential for customers and profit.  Within the membership we’ll have business resources for you, plus a topic driven monthly zoom call in which we can learn and network on the things that are pressing for you in your business.

We are taking applications for the current term, running from December 15 to April 15. See below for all the details. Join the Inner Circle and get your business in THRIVE mode!

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Terms and Conditions (a.k.a. “how the approved vendor Inner Circle works”)

I acknowledge that I and my business am:

  1. An Anyone Can Farm Tribe facebook group member in good standing for 6 months.
  2. Offering a product or service that is somehow useful to homestead farmers.
  3. Applying during an open season time 

I agree that I have the following privileges:

  1. I can post up to 3 offer/product posts with links per week on the main The Anyone Can Farm Tribe group feed /discussion area and in comments.  (Chat groups are not included).
    1. I will use the hashtag #approvedvendor on all such posts. I realize that any posts without that will be deleted. Anyone using the hashtag and NOT on the approved vendor list will be warned once, then removed from the group. 
  2. I will enjoy preferred contact status with Mark and Jill via text and email.
  3. I can receive business and marketing support and training in the once monthly zoom calls. These calls will be topic driven plus q&a and recorded. Current Inner Circle vendors will have access to all recordings.
  4. I accept that these privileges are contingent on maintaining good standing as outlined below. I acknowledge that I can be removed from the program immediately, with no refund, if I do not maintain good standing. 
  5. I understand that if I apply for a category that is already filled my membership will be refunded and I will NOT be an approved vendor in the Inner Circle program. I will be placed on a waiting list and given priority if a slot opens up in the next term. 

You maintain good standing by 

  1. Adding value to the Tribe with information or interactive posts without product links..
  2. Keeping your membership in good standing financially.  
    1.  Membership lasts for 4 months and is payable monthly or by the term. 
    2.  Membership automatically renews for the next 4 month term unless canceled. 
    3. Cancellations will be effective at the start of the new term, with no prorated refunds.  Know that your membership is for a term when you sign up, with no refunds or prorations given. 
  3. Notifying admin if you want to change or add a category of product or service to your account so we maintain good relations within the group. To protect your exclusivity we have limited slots per category, and you can add a category if, and only if, there’s a slot. 

Categories (number is the total available slots for that category)

Categories are subject to change and our discretion. 

  • CSA
  • Podcast (2)
  • YouTube channel  (2)
  • Products that ship  (7)
  • Tools and equipment  (3)
  • Events (3 per trimester)
  • Classes (TBD)
  • Other services (financial and insurance,  health, etc.)  (TBD on a case by case basis)

Get signed up to be an approved vendor and part of the Inner Circle and get your business growing!  Join this pilot term from Dec. 15 to April 15 for only $10/month!  This is an application process and we reserve the right to refund your subscription if there’s not a slot for your category.  


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