Mid Winter Gathering: Community and Learning

Suggested price: $30.00

Community. Competence. Confidence.

Join us on February 4, 2023 for a community mid winter gathering to learn essential, foundational skills for the homestead in soil building for garden and animal health and productivity.  We’ll also gather around the table to connect and enjoy the company of like minded homestead farming folks.

We do have to cover speaker costs, admin and facility costs. Folks have varying levels of financial resources, so we’re offering multiple levels of support when you sign up.  If you can’t swing the suggested per person donation, do what you can.  If you’re able to go above and beyond to help with the expenses, your donation is appreciated. Everyone is welcome and we all learn from each other regardless. Sign up so we expect you, and grow the community.

Minimum price: $20.00

Join us for a mid winter community gathering on FEBRUARY 4, 2023!  The days are cold and grey, and that means it's the perfect season for learning and connecting.

Competence: Craig Shaaf is an experts expert when it comes to the most basic building block of any food operation: SOIL. Craig uses natural methods to grow soil so he can grow extraordinary vegetables with low tech methods, including season extension.  Since soil is the foundation of healthy livestock, he can speak to that as well.  His small homestead provides him with all his food for his family because he can farm it intensively. He always overdelivers in sharing his education, experience, and wisdom.

Confidence: Practical knowledge that you can go home and use is the bedrock of confidence. Between Craig's teaching, conversations with other farmers who are at all stages of their homestead journey, and being able to ask all your questions of those in the community, you'll leave with some practical things you can do right away and in the next growing season.

Community: Bring a dish to pass and enjoy the great farm food potlucks these events at The Anyone Can Farm Experience are know for.  Spend the afternoon chatting with like minded folks and growing your farm and homestead connections.

A mid winter gathering is the perfect way to stave off the blues! Gather with community to gain competence and confidence. Anyone Can Farm!

The coffee will be hot at 9:30 (please bring your own cup, or make a donation to The Anyone Can Farm Experience and get a cup to take home). Craig will talk about what you want to know about from 10 till 1:00.  Then we'll load the tables with the potluck dishes and spend the afternoon eating and visiting.  Kids are welcome!  Contact us if you may be interested in a babysitter. Make sure they bring outdoor clothes.

We will be gathering in our NEW classroom space! It'll be warmish, but is still rustic as we're still developing it, so dress in layers with warm shoes.

Sign up for the mid winter gathering today! Suggested sign up value is $30 per person.  Actual value of the teaching and facilities is about $75/person, if Craig charged us for what his wisdom is really worth. If  you can swing more, that'll help even it out for those for whom it's too big a stretch.  Name your price to grow the community!

Who is Craig Schaaf?

"My family & I have Golden Rule Farm in Kaleva Michigan. We grow heirloom tomatoes & other vegetables for a restaurant in Traverse City. Over the years my experiences and training have been very eclectic. From the time I was 16 to 25 I was a professional fisherman. Age 17 fished on the United State’s Fishing Team. Age 23 taught fly casting & fly tying for Orvis. From 26 to 35 apprenticed as a finish carpenter and trimmed beautiful homes. From 36 to present which is 51. I have made my living growing vegetables for a restaurant in Traverse City along with doing consulting and seminars on gardening & farming.

You can always find someone that is more experienced or knowledgeable. I don’t claim to have everything figured out. That’s not the point. The point is to pass on what I have been able to learn over the years.

I hope you will receive a blessing from this avalanche of information! If the Lord gives me another 30 years I will just keep sharing what I continue to learn.

Find out more about Craig's teaching and information: 

My GabTV channel:htt ps://tv.gab.com/channel/schaafcraig

My Videos On Rumble: https://rumble.com/user/Schaafcraig

Moderator For “Gardening Within The Creator’s Care” Gardening Group https://gab.com/groups/62718

Moderator For Korean Natural Farming & Gardening Group https://gab.com/groups/63567


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