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Sorrel, Chicory, and Crispy Ear Salad

  • Author: Jill Baker
  • Yield: Serves 8


This is a fine accompaniment for Brawn (Headcheese). You will need the pig’s ears as cooked in that recipe.



2 Pig’s Ears, cooked

Vegetable Oil for Frying

2 Handfuls of Sorrel Leaves, picked from the stems, washed and drained

2 Heads of Chicory (also called Curly Endive or Belgian Endive)

A Handful of Curly Parsley Leaves, picked from the stem

1 Generous tsp. of Capers (extra-fine if possible)

Vinaigrette (recipe here)


Allow the ears to cool and firm up, then slice very thinly. Heat the vegetable oil in a deep frying pan (or deep-fryer if you have one) and drop the ears in. Be careful, as even if dry they are likely to spit.

Stir to avoid their sticking in one great mass.

When crispy, remove from the oil and lay on paper towels to drain off excess fat.

Pick off the sorrel leaves, chop the chicory, and finely chop the curly parsley, add the capers, dress with vinaigrette, and then top with the crispy ears.


This excerpt is taken from The Whole Beast by Fergus Henderson, purchase the book here.