The Anyone Can Farm Tribe Day July 13 and 14, 2024

You’re not alone!

Alternative ways of schooling, homesteading and farming, learning, and living simply require an alternative community.

What is The Anyone Can Farm Tribe Day?

If you’re ready to really elevate your homestead game, and to do it in the company of other serious homesteaders, you’re in the right place. 

Spend a weekend, or just the day, with like-minded homesteading folks to learn homesteading skills, talk around the campfire, and share good food. Participate in workshops designed to help you gain self-sufficiency and independence by learning about homesteading skills for the beginner through advanced homestead farmer.

Workshops for 2024 will be longer and include and interactive or hands on aspect, so you get to really do the thing to learn!

  • Alternative building for small structures: Post and Beam construction
    Hide Tanning (Leather making)
    All about Soil
    Working with wool
    Practical Farm First Aid
    Biochar making and constructing a retort
  • Making holistic use of your wetlands
  • “How to make your homestead pay”
  • tour of Baker’s Green Acres with Mark

and so much more! From sand to swamp you’ll discover keys to making your property a productive, healthy place. 

Children are welcome! Older kids will enjoy learning and “doing” in the regular workshops.  Younger kids will have the option of participating in other activities.  Babysitting will be available for littles by donation to the day care provider.

Lunch will be potluck around a pig roast. We’ll provide table service.  Our on farm “cafe” will be open for meals other than Saturday lunch.

Limited rustic camping sites are available on the farm with a reservation.

Ready for some intense, varied, fun, and no holds barred conversation? Join us around the campfire Friday and Saturday evenings for some homestead farm fellowship. Sunday is a cornucopia of homestead skills by folks who just want to share their expertise and passion with the community.


The Cafe will be open to serve farm fresh food for meals other than the potluck on Saturday!

Meet our speakers!

Biochar has become an indispensible tool at Baker’s Green Acres.  Mark Baker uses it to dispose of wood and unwanted large bones and turns it around to enhance soil and animal health.  Mark has been making and using biochar for at least 10 years to build his farm’s soil and has completely replaced coccidia medicine for his chickens with it.  He offers a step by step video course and does mentoring in the Tribe+ membership, but you can come to Tribe Day and help make a biochar retort and then get a burn going so you can experience exactly how it all works!  Learn more about Mark’s farm at Baker’s Green Acres.  Learn more about biochar on his YouTube channel. 

As one of his many interests, Craig has tanned hides and used them to make many things.  He brings his ability to break things down into doable steps to this process so you can go home and begin your own hide tanning adventure.  Suitable for older kids. 

Craig is a soil scientist.  He grows vegetables commercially in an intensive way that relies on regenerative soil health for the level and quality of production Craig asks of his farm.  He is an expert in Korean Natural Farming methods of natural fertilization, compost, and many ways to work with nature’s systems to grow fantastic vegetables in any growing situation.  Craig is limited to two hours of teaching, but you’ll get a lifetime of work and wisdom packed into that short space.

Craig Schaaf Tribe Day

Dave and Amanda Allen are disabled Army veterans and former Sheriff’s Deputies who currently operate Arrowhead Homestead in Northwest Indiana.  Their former careers, as well as combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, have given them practical, hands on experience in first aid and trauma treatment, as well as crisis management and problem solving.  They also have moved their operating homestead several times since their beginnings, making them masters at starting a homestead from nothing.  They currently raise pastured chickens and turkeys, ducks, rabbits, and goats, as well as a large garden for vegetables and fruit trees.  Amanda also owns and operates Bohica Soapworks, LLC on the homestead.  Bohica Soapworks creates artisan soap and bath products with the goat milk and herbs from the property.

Tribe day Dave Allen

Aaron Esch is the designer and construction genius behind, as source for any timber framed building plan you might want.  He’ll be showing as well as telling you how to build using this time honored technique that allows you to source less expensive, higher quality materials to build “outstanding” out buildings for all your homestead needs.

Beth Declercq is passionate about inspiring and encouraging people to cultivate the simple life. She and her husband Tommy and seven kids live on their five acre homestead in mid-Michigan. When she’s not busy growing food, you’ll often find Beth working on projects around their late 1800’s house, thrifting, or drinking coffee.  Beth has worked diligently and creatively to make their small homestead pay.  She’s also been helping other small farmers figure out how to find profitable revenue streams on their homesteads.  Join Beth to learn her tips and tricks and discover the hidden gems on your place.   Find her at Intentional Homesteading

Tribe Day  Beth Declercq

Gethering wool is one thing. But what to do with the bags of the stuff? Learn how to clean, card, and spin wool! But you won’t have to stop there.  Beth DeClercq of the Intentional Homestead is an amazing crochet artist and will show you how to start making basic things with your wool! Bring a crochet hook and some yarn you love with you to this session! 

Stuff for the kids!

There will be much more coming as we develop the schedule, so please be sure to check back!  These activities are for older kids. There will be activities for the littles, too!

Amy has lots of activities planned for your kids, both entertaining ones and educational activities. From crafts to farm games and an advanced level scavenger hunt, your older kids will keep busy and enjoy getting familiar with various aspects of a farm.


Dorothy Beerens is a true blue farm girl and enjoys working with younger kids. She’s planning several activities for the 2-5 yr. old set.  Drawing on her experience as an older sister here at Baker’s Green Acres, and her work with that age group at her local daycare, she’ll have a full range of fun farm experiences for your little ones.

**Note that we’re flexible on the activities you feel your child will enjoy. An advanced 5 year old is welcome with the older kids, and a 6 year old who’s not comfortable with the bigger kids is welcome to hang out with Dorothy and the smaller kids.**

Dorothy will guide the kids that don’t want to adventure in a few craft activities involving farming things. There may be small expenses to cover for materials.

Basic Schedule:


Campground check-in starting at 4 pm

Campfire at the farm starting about 6


8:30 am: coffee and tea are hot! Checkins start

9 am: Welcome and

9:30 am: first workshops

12:00  LUNCH: Pig roast from Baker’s Green Acres. Bring a dish to share! Table service provided.

1:00 pm: Workshops

3 pm: Workshops

4:30 pm: Tour of Baker’s Green Acres

5:30 pm: Campfire and potluck leftovers if you can stay and hang out with us!


9:30 am: Start of Skill Sharing

per the sign up schedule by the coffee area

Potluck lunch/ Cafe will be open for service

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