The Anyone Can Farm Tribe Day July 8, 2023

You’re not alone!

Alternative ways of schooling, homesteading and farming, learning, and living simply require an alternative community.

What is The Anyone Can Farm Tribe Day?

Enjoy community, homestead skill learning.

Spend a weekend, or just the day, with like-minded homesteading folks to learn homesteading skills, talk around the campfire, and share good food. Participate in workshops designed to help you gain self-sufficiency and independence by learning about homesteading skills for the beginner through advanced homestead farmer.

  • Beekeeping
  • Greenhouse growing with Brice Mosher
  • Soil building with Brice Mosher
  • Tree propagation with Andrew Cross
  • Making Fermented Food with Andrew Cross
  • tour of Baker’s Green Acres with Mark

and so much more!

Children are welcome and activities will be provided for them, including outdoor survival activities, games, crafts, and more.

Lunch will be potluck around a pig roast. We’ll provide table service.

Limited rustic camping sites are available on the farm with a reservation.

Join us around the campfire Saturday evening for some homestead farm fellowship.

Meet our speakers!

Andrew is a horticultural consultant specializing in landscape design And building resilient systems. Andrew also has over 20 years of experience in integrated animal husbandry and Agricultural management.

Tribe Day


Brice Mosher is the full time farmer and homesteader at Infinity Micro Farm in Falmouth, MI. Brice and his wife Nikki started their farm with their 4 daughters in 2016. Primarily a vegetable farm that markers thru an annual CSA, Brice and his wife also raise American Guinea Hogs and poultry.

Learn more about Brice and Infinity Microfarm in his conversation with Mark Baker here: Health, Family, and Starting a CSA

Find Brice here:


Tribe Day


Brice Mosher is the full time farmer and homesteader at Infinity Micro Farm in Falmouth, MI. Brice and his wife Nikki started their farm with their 4 daughters in 2016. Primarily a vegetable farm that markers thru an annual CSA, Brice and his wife also raise American Guinea Hogs and poultry.

Former financial executive who walked away from the covid bs to pursue a life done free.

Learn more about Tag in his interview with Mark: Counter Culture Economy and Off Grid Living

Find Tag here:

Youtube@ lifedonefree
Rumble@ lifedonefree

Teresa is a northern Michigan native that spent about 15 years in Florida and returned home in 2018. Teresa struggled with her health most of her life but became very ill after the birth of her youngest child. After years of being shuffled through the medical system, she was finally diagnosed with lupus. Further health decline and a lot of frustration with Western Medicine followed her diagnosis, until she embarked on a journey to wellness through alternative medicine & natural healing. Food was an important part of that journey and that’s where she discovered the world of microgreens. In 2021, she decided to share her passion with our community and open the farm. Her daughter, Elise (El), has had an affinity for animals her entire life and her son, Tyler (Ty), was the one that inspired her passion for herbs, hence Elty Farms was born. Elty Farms specializes in microgreens, herbs, and rabbitry. The passion of the farm is to educate others and hopefully inspire journeys to health through clean and healthy eating and living.

Learn more about Teresa and her work as she talked with Mark about it here: Microgreens and Gaining Health

Find Teresa here:

http://www.eltyfarms.com https://www.facebook.com/eltyfarms https://www.instagram.com/eltyfarms/ https://www.tiktok.com/@themicrogreenlady

Stuff for the kids!

There will be much more coming as we develop the schedule, so please be sure to check back!  These activities are for older kids. There will be activities for the littles, too!

Amy has lots of activities planned for your kids, both entertaining ones and educational activities. From crafts to farm games and an advanced level scavenger hunt, your older kids will keep busy and enjoy getting familiar with various aspects of a farm.

Amy is also speaking on the “How to start a Homestead” panel and you can check out her full bio there!

Tribe day 2022, gathering,

Dorothy Beerens is a true blue farm girl and enjoys working with younger kids. She’s planning several activities for the 2-5 yr. old set.  Drawing on her experience as an older sister here at Baker’s Green Acres, and her work with that age group at a local daycare, she’ll have a full range of fun farm experiences for your little ones.

**Note that we’re flexible on the activities you feel your child will enjoy. An advanced 5 year old is welcome with the older kids, and a 6 year old who’s not comfortable with the bigger kids is welcome to hang out with Dorothy and the smaller kids.**

Ever read the book Hatchet by Gary Paulson? What would happen if you suddenly found yourself in the woods and had to survive, like the character Brian in the book?

Ameddee and Josh will guide the 10 and up kids in discovering what it would take, from shelter building to fire starting to the basic things one needs to survive. This is experiential, so be prepared for the outdoors and adventure.  This is suitable for boys and girls of all experience levels. Come and have fun!

Amedee grew up adventuring in the woods and fields. She loves fishing and anything wildcraft and survival oriented.  She’s been teaching this as a homeschool co-op course for two years and has explored many topics with the kids in that time.

Basic Schedule:


Campground check-in starting at 3 pm

Campfire at the farm starting about 6


8:30 am: coffee and tea are hot! Checkins start

9 am: Welcome and first workshops: Cheese and Biochar

10:30 am: Second workshops: Goats and Seed Saving

12:00  LUNCH: Pig roast from Baker’s Green Acres. Bring a dish to share! Table service provided.

1:30 pm: How to start a Homestead panel discussion  (Rabbits for the kids)

3 pm: Soap making and Agroforestry

4:30 pm: Tour of Baker’s Green Acres

5:30 pm: Campfire and potluck leftovers if you can stay and hang out with us!

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