Before you cook your pâté, you will want to test it, mainly to check for seasoning (if it doesn’t have  good bind or if the fat is separating out of it, there’s not a lot you can do to remedy it).

The most definitive way to do this is to roll a small cylinder of the pâté, the size of your thumb, in plastic wrap and poach it gently until it’s cooked through, then taste it. If you want to be absolutely sure of the seasoning, chill it quickly in an ice bath, then taste-and remember, cold food needs to be seasoned more aggressively than food eaten hot.

If you must expedite matters, you can sauté a small patty of it and taste, keeping in mind that you won’t have the flavors from browning, and that it should taste slightly oversalted when eaten warm.

If the pâté is lacking in flavor or seasoning, add more salt or spice and remix until the seasoning is incorporated.

This excerpt is taken from Pate, Confit, Rillette by Brian Polcyn with Michael Ruhlman
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