What does “think outside the box” mean to you?

We at Baker’s Green Acres have been farming for around 25 years now for ourselves and for others.  Frankly, we’ve never been good at coloring in the lines, and have a tendency to think outside the box.

We do things differently. Sometimes it work out. Sometimes we’ve learned things the hard way.

Success isn’t a well blazed path in the homestead world.  There are certainly things that are tried and true principles. That’s what Mark uses when he does farm consulting with people. Principles hold true. When he consults he brings the principles to life on their specific property to meet their specific goals.  That requires a little “thinking outside the box.”

Creative thinking.

Imagination, where science and art meet to grow food.

That’s what we mean by that good old phrase.  Listen in as Mark expounds on that in this The Anyone Can Farm Experience live show.