Yesterday we were having coffee with a couple of friends. We were sitting in their outdoor kitchen that he had made from second hand steel, an old billboard tarp for an Indian Motorcycle place, and a scrounged pipe building frame. All of the kitchen equipment was well used but the jars of tomato sauce and salsa on the counter testified to the space’s handiness.

We were there because our friend Keith had the phone poles Mark needed to build the rail to hang beef and pigs from for classes. Keith has a lot of challenges in his life, but he plays to his strengths of connecting people with what they need and being able to cobble anything into real functionality. After we left they were off to help an older lady improve her garden soil so she could grow more of her own food.

Touching lives

That’s what farming boils down to, I realized as I sat there. We touch lives and nurture beings, from the little microscopic fellas in the soil to our chickens, pigs, and cows, to you and all the others who want health in their bodies through nutrient dense, great tasting food. I’m always amazed at Keith’s finds and at how generously he shares those things. He feels blessed by God and has a Desire to share his wealth.

That is farming, right there.

Anyone. Can. Farm. It’s nurturing life to nourish ourselves and others, in a nutshell. Whether is a few tomatoes or zucchinis shared with a neighbor or having conversations that light people up as they purchase chicken or pick up their milk herd share, you’ve nurtured and nourished and touched lives. That’s how real food and buying from local farmers rather than an impersonal grocery store changes me and you.

Just wanted to share a little more inspiration on the video side. These folks attended one of our Homestead Hog Harvest classes and walked away with a skill, and a transformation.

Is this the year you own your food chain?

Immersion into the whole process is part of the Homestead Hog Harvest and Charcuterie classes in the fall. You take your food from the field to your plate in these couple days. But not by yourself. Team = transformation and ownership. All the information to do this is available in books and YouTube University. Heck, we have a video course with all the details. But the shared experience is the magic, the thing that changes everything. Join us to learn not only how to make your own pork chops or proscuitto, but to get the whole experience that changes everything!