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Turnip Bake

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  • Author: Jill Baker


This is a simply yet delicious way to use up those turnips! It’s layered like a gratin yet has minimal ingredients.

Don’t throw out the greens either! They go great in your wild foraged greens salad!


Units Scale

1 Onion, peeled and sliced very thin (a mandolin works great here)

1 3/4 Sticks (14 Tbsp.) Unsalted Butter

2 1/22 3/4 lbs. Turnips, peeled and sliced very thin (mandolin works great here)

Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper


In a pan sweat the onion in 11 Tbsp. butter until they are soft, sweet, and clear. Set aside.

Smear remaining butter over a deep ovenproof fry pan (a seasoned cast iron is preferred). Add in a layer of the thinly sliced turnips and top with some of the buttery onion mixture, sea salt and pepper.

Continue the process of layering turnip with onion and seasoning until all ingredients are used up.

Cover with foil (shiny side down).

Place into a preheated 375° F oven for approx. and hour. Check for doneness using a knife inserted into the center.

Remove from the oven, remove the foil, and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

To serve, flip pan upside down onto a platter (one large enough that covers the pan) taking care to not burn yourself. The turnips should be browned but not crispy.


This dish is another that does well with added fresh herbs or other root vegetables used. Perhaps serve with some chive-infused sour cream! Heck, we’d even add in some bacon for a hearty one dish meal!

This excerpt is taken from The Whole Beast by Fergus Henderson, purchase the book here.