Stock is a mixture of boiled or simmered ingredients that typically include animal bones, (some) meat, vegetables, and possibly a small amount of salt. Stocks are often used as a base for foods such as soups, stews, sauces, and gravies. Raw bones and (some) meat may be used.


Broth is a boiled or simmered mixture that typically includes water, meats, vegetables, and seasonings. Like stocksbroths are often used as bases for other foods such as soups, side dishes, or pastas.


There are typically three main differences between them:

*Firstly, stocks are much more likely to contain bones than broths. As a result, stocks often have a richer flavor than broths due to the collagen and gelatin released from simmered bones. This difference in flavor is often what determines if a stock or broth is to be used.

*Secondly, stocks usually have longer cook times than broths.

*Lastly, broths often include flavorful seasonings whereas stocks either don’t contain any seasonings or only have a small amount of salt.