Homestead Hog Harvest WorkShop

Difficulty: Intermediate

Intermediate: Hog Harvest Workshop – How to Process A Hog

Course Overview:

Anyone Can Farm and learn how to raise and harvest hogs.  You don’t have to raise pigs or own your homestead farm yet, or be an experienced farmer to learn how to convert a live pig into pork for your freezer.  

Want to be more knowledgeable about your food and where it comes from?

Are you a hands-on learner who benefits from personalized, real-time instruction?

You’ve come to the right place.

This class is designed as an intense introduction for those who want to learn the old time arts of butchering and preserving pork in a low-tech methods.  We start the first day at noon with live pigs and finish on Day 3 afternoon with pork ready to freeze or smoke. This is a great class for both home use and professional use folks. No previous experience butchering necessary, just a drive to own your food processing abilities and know by experience an essential homestead skill.  Make your deposit today to hold your place in the class! 

Course Outline:

Upgrade your  food processing skills by reserving your spot today! In this hands-on, on-the-farm 3 day class you’ll get to:

  • See how to harvest a heritage Mangalitsa hog from the field
  • Scald, scrape, and eviscerate the pig, saving organs for use
  • Cut halved hogs into basic pork cuts
  • Salt meat for bacon and ham
  • Render fat and learn the many used for lard
  • Create delicious sausages 
  • Learn how to use the organs and other uncommon parts

Student spots at the cutting table are limited, so you’ll get personalized attention from Mark and Jill as you go through the process of taking pigs from the field to the freezer.


  • When you attend on-farm classes, you can immerse yourself in the whole Baker’s Green Acres farm and family experience:
    • Spend a weekend on a working farm
    • Meals with the Baker family Saturday and Sunday
    • Opportunities to ask Mark and Jill your questions about homesteading, farming, family, homestead health, and life
    • Opportunities to do chores with the Baker kids: milking the cows, caring for the hens, and more
    • A tour of Baker’s Green Acres, a working, diverse, regenerative homestead farm
    • Discounted pricing to take any meat from the class home with you to share the experience with your family.

      Reserve your seat today so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to further your homestead education with an essential skill experience!

    Where else can you learn real farming skills on a real working farm from people who are really doing the thing?  There are a lot of advantages to coming to a BGA Anyone Can Farm class besides building fences and raising chickens.  You get to see these skills in the context of a regenerative farm that really works and pick the brains of the people doing it.  No need to reinvent the wheel!

    Plus, we offer savings when you bring family members or are a military veteran.  Contact us if you want to sign up and would benefit from these savings. Young adults/teens between the ages of 14-18 are discounted when accompanied by a legal guardian or family member.

    Make your deposit today!

    Cost: Total cost is $650 and includes

      • one of a kind, hands on learning opportunities,
      • a whole farm and farm family experience,
      • noon meals on Saturday and Sunday and Saturday dinner with the Baker family
      • a sampling of many of the cuts as we go.
      • a t-shirt with our commemorative logo
      • certificate proving your achievement
      • access to professional photos of the weekend you can download, print, and share
      • discounted pricing on all the meat produced in the class
      • BONUS: You get to spend a weekend with Mark and Jill Baker on Baker’s Green Acres.  See how we raise our pigs, ask your questions, learn the ins and outs of what we do so you can save time, money, and effort! 


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    I will start by saying I’ve now harvested a half dozen pigs at my homestead, and have all gone pretty smooth. It’s been very helpful being able to refer to my notes and pictures taken during the course. I had some help from a chef on a couple pigs, and process sort of got away from what I learned at Baker Farm the outcome was not as desirable. I’m now mostly sticking to the Baker way.

    I would recommend it because It’s very hands on and informative.

    Adam Fournier:

    This weekend Taylor, Quinn and I had the most incredible opportunity to learn something pretty new to us!  Anyone reading this lived through 2020. They lived through the blizzard of 2021. They experienced supply chain issues. News flash the stores aren’t looking too hot right now either. Taylor and I pride ourselves on freedom and obtaining the skills and knowledge for more FREEDOM in our lives! This weekend we learned a newer skill to us, butchering. This passed weekend we attended a class Crunchy Mama Farm hosted with experts in the field and 4 days of fellowship and learning! Jill and Mark Baker were so knowledgeable and with such respect and honor for the animals! It was fantastic to come together in community with others who value similar things and worked together beautifully! I can not stress enough how much of a blessing these families and this class was! 

    Sarah McLemore

     I expected the Hog Harvest to advance my skills with the technical aspects of butchering and to learn methods for preserving pork,  my expectations were met in those regards.  The technical aspects of the classes with both the hands on, and individualized instruction were well worth it.  Although I did gain knowledge at the Hog Harvest in the aforementioned areas, the biggest help that this experience provided was an unanticipated change in mindset.

    Whole thing:  I expected the Hog Harvest to advance my skills with the technical aspects of butchering and to learn methods for preserving pork,  my expectations were met in those regards.  The technical aspects of the classes with both the hands on, and individualized instruction were well worth it.  Although I did gain knowledge at the Hog Harvest in the aforementioned areas, the biggest help that this experience provided was an unanticipated change in mindset.  

      I felt that the market potential in my rural area would be too limited for an ultimately “more expensive” pork.  Just prior to my first visit to Baker’s Green Acres I was raising a few common variety weaners with the intent of roasting or freezing a couple that fall, and keeping another one or two for sows.  About that time I was starting to realize some of the advantages that pigs have over other livestock.  I knew some of the traits that I wanted bred into my animals for a place in my program,  but  I was too risk averse to scaling up beyond what would be needed for household consumption.  Considering the direction I was going, swine of the heritage breed seemed to make the most sense on  just under 30 acres.  I was very apprehensive about committing resources beyond what was necessary to stock my freezer so and I felt torn, until sausage day.  

      I left Baker’s Green Acres a Mangalitsa Evangelist.  I went home and helped finish building a hog roaster that was started months earlier,  invested in quite a few knives and someone I know even donated some scrapers to the cause.  I then I made a scalding tank from an old fuel oil barrel, and with the help of a buddy we scraped and prepped a nice size piggy for the roaster.  We then followed that up by rounding up another meat saw, a gambrel, and hung a heavy heifer for a week.  I quartered, trimmed and ground that with some packaging and cleanup help from my wife.  After that I purchased a good sized Mangalitsa boar and now an expectant sow should farrow in a week.  It appears one other is expecting and I believe a 3rd will follow in the near future.  I have 150 lbs. of rye drilled in the ground so far,  2 lbs of pea , 1/4 lb. of beet, 1/4 lb. of daikon, and 1/4 lb. of pumpkin seed  will also go in for an extra large patch of pig supplement. 


    The classes were great, the camaraderie excellent,  but nothing could have prepared me for that first taste of fresh ground sausage off of the skillet.  I  told a few people, that this pork is nothing like what you buy from a store.  I compare tasting it for the first time to eating a tree ripened peach when the only peach you ever had before was from a can.  Now, whatever happens after my pigs are packaged is the least of my concerns.


    For those of you that haven’t participated in one of Mark and Jill Baker’s Homestead Hog Harvest classes, you’ve got to do it…and then host one at your farm!  

    This past weekend, we held our inaugural Homestead Hog Harvest class at Crunchy Mama Farms in Alvord, Texas with Mark and Jill Baker as the instructors.  It was a weekend filled with bonding over the harvest and breaking bread together.  As Mark likes to say, “Never underestimate the power of a bloody handshake” and we got to experience the bonding this created first-hand.  The emotions ran from somber as we harvested the pigs to festive as we created 6 types of sausages and sampled them together.  

    There’s just something magical and powerful when people with the same goals come together to learn a new skill.  Despite our varied backgrounds, we came together in the true essence of humanity  – to make a harvest from the land and provide a sustenance for our families so we can live well during the winter.  If you are getting disheartened about the current state of affairs, attend one of these events to give you hope!    

    The Crunchy Mama Farms’ Homestead Harvest Class was such a success, it looks like a caravan from Texas is coming to the Baker’s charcuterie intensive in March!  

    Mark and Jill Baker have such a gift for instructing and empowering others to reach their goals.  We are so grateful for the wisdom, knowledge and experience they so willingly share with others.  Shawn and I would not be where we are today without their mentorship, and we are truly grateful.  

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    Amy Kelly


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