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Our desire here at The Anyone Can Farm Experience is to inspire everyone to start growing their own food, even if only in small ways; to educate folks in sustainable and regenerative ways to sustain themselves; and to empower a community of people to take charge of their life, liberty, and property to farm, homestead, and live the life they desire to live. 

Our Story – The Anyone Can Farm Experience

The idea for “Anyone Can Farm” was born in the midst of a struggle for our right to farm at Baker’s Green Acres. Mark Baker stood on his Constitutional rights and prevailed, but also gained an appreciation for giving back to the community as he’d been so generously supported. “Anyone Can Farm” is based on the idea espoused by the gregarious chef in Ratatouille who always proclaimed “anyone can cook” and set out to teach anyone who wanted to learn.  




The Anyone Can Farm Experience Founders

Mark has made it his mission since then to inspire, educate, and empower anyone who wants to farm. He himself started homesteading in mid-life and experienced a steep learning curve with lots of “learning moments.” He has a vision of people being self-sufficient as food growers, including gardening, raising animals, and food preservation in sustainable and regenerative ways.  He firmly believes that the experience of farming and homesteading is available to anyone. The Anyone Can Farm Experience is your opportunity to learn how to homestead and farm, to experience food freedom and benefit from the experiences and wisdom of an experienced farmer. 


Jill Baker, wife of Mark and co-operator of Baker’s Green Acres, brings a lifetime of farming experience to the table (literally).  She had the good fortune to grow up with gardening parents and farming grandparents. She’s raised many different animals through the years. As she and Mark have raised eight kids, including homeschooling them, she’s developed her vision for working with nature’s systems to keep the farm and family healthy, which includes food preservation and cooking what the homestead provides. She brings her perspective on farming, homesteading, and raising a farm family. Watch for kitchen how-to’s and healthy lifestyle training from her.

Our Crew

Joe Baker: Raised on Baker’s Green Acres, he has returned to his roots and shares his perspective with you through video and pictures. He’s the storyteller who brings the wisdom of the homestead to life on the screen.  He’ll be offering tips and training on marketing, how to present your farm well in social media, as well as building online video courses.

Lorna S: Guides us with her business management experience. She has many years of experience in running media businesses and in reaching people through media. 

The Baker’s Green Acres crew: If you come to a farm event or class, you’ll meet the crew that makes Baker’s Green Acres, the home base of The Anyone Can Farm Experience, tick. The family is the heart of the homestead for most people and the crew provide you with a window into how a homestead farm family can work, the skills farm kids have, and the value of the experience for the next generation.

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